Story Sessions & Pricing


My photography is a work of art and I take huge pride in this work.

I love to create photo sessions that tell a story.

Lots of work and love are put into creating a unique shoot that is tailored just for you.


Years ago, while editing, I decided that I couldn’t pick and choose certain images to give to my clients.  For instance, I had 300 finished images and the package deal said that they would receive 50.  I could never decide and I ended up giving my clients the entire lot of images complimentary.  I know…not great for business, but I loved so many of the images and I felt that charging for each image or having strict packages took away from the story that I captured.  I could instead put all of the shoot images on a gallery and leave it up to the client to choose, but once again, it was restricting the client.

On top of that, after the client chose 10 images to print, I had 100’s of images that were just going to be transferred to the abyss on a hard drive, never to seen again.

So, I decided to throw out the traditional way of offering images to my clients.

When you invest in my photography package, you receive all of your edited images.  You can pick and choose which ones you want to print and you have them for years to come.

When I return to our computer, every shoot is immediately backed up onto 2 external hard drives and to the cloud to insure that your story is safe.

I then go through every photo taken and carefully choose the keepers.  Because every photo is considered a work of art, and I’m is a bit neurotic :), every photo is edited.  Blemishes, zits, and stray hairs…it’s all taken care of with my signature editing.  Black and white duplicates of each photo are also included.


Story Session


Every session includes:

–       A pre-session consultation

–       Creative design for your shoot that tells your story

–        2 hour shoot

–       Signature editing on every photo (blemishes, zits etc)

–       Entire set of the final, edited, high resolution images sent to you via Dropbox (You can make your own copyright free prints)*

–   Black & White copies of every edited photo.

– 1 8×10 print of your choice.

-2 5×7 prints of your choice.

.:. $150 is due at time of booking to reserve your desired date.  It is non-refundable. .:.

Prints and products are sold ala-carte

Once a booking is made, we can talk and go over the important details of your shoot.

*The majority of my sessions produce 200-300 copyright free images.  I’m terrible at putting together photo packages!

I give my clients their entire shoot, edited, so that they can print whatever they want, whenever they want with no time limits or restrictions.


Please inquire further with any questions.



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